I am thrilled that everyone who decides to own a Love At First Bark mug, tee, tote, or print is getting an authentic product highlighting the love, humor, and companionship that’s found when you add a dog to your life.

The idea behind Love At First Bark Designs actually started over 20 years ago with my very first German Shepherd, Beckett.  Falling in love with the breed, I soon found myself on the lookout for shepherd-themed products.  After a short while I came to discover that those products were few and far between and designs were extremely limited.

Having always been artistic, I just decided I’d create my own designs!  Using photographs of my own dogs – because you can never have just one – I purchased some computer graphic programs, taught myself how to use them and found a site called Cafepress where I began selling my designs to German shepherd lovers from around the world.  Though my designs were extremely well-received, the platform didn’t allow me to interact with customers or create custom products.  Finding Etsy in late 2011, I loved the fact that not only did I have more flexibility and control of the products I created, I could also communicate with my customers!   My Etsy store has been met with phenomenal response and with hundreds of sales and a 5 Star Rating, needless to say, my customers rock!

I’m proud of the fact that my handcrafted products aren’t mass produced in China, but in the United States.  And unlike other stores who may use outside companies to actually print and ship the products they sell, every mug, print, tee and tote I offer is designed, created, packaged and shipped by ME!

Creating designs that speak to fellow dog lovers is my passion and I hope to continue spreading  these feeling of love, remembrance, and joy through my handmade dog lover products for years to come!